ESKIMO Dance Quick fire Review

Over a week has passed but I’m still buzzing about Eskimo dance.

It was MR.T REMIX’S first ever Eskimo Dance and I had a lot of high hopes for it !

But  Wiley did really exceed my Expectations.

The thing I did really liked about Eskimo dance, was the fact it seemed more like a Gig rather than a rave, which was actually Quite nice.

I have a few minor Issue’S with  the Legendary Grime rave.

 You can’t wear  a hat or a  hoody (even if you’re not wearing it up ?) So you have to spend £3 to put your hoody or jacket in the cloak room, I’m guessing that was an idea from the boys in suits and ties Idea, which brings me to my other point that it seemed very corporate  and not  Really Grimey as a dingy small club in Shoreditch which has Defiantly has a better atmosphere than  Proud 2. But its always been the case that the smaller venues are more Intense and Intimate.

Also Dizzee rascal & Tinchy stryder turned up to Eskimo dance but supposedly the bouncers wouldn’t let them in and it would of been epic

I was also asking my self why the hell isn’t Merky ace is here or Lethal bizzle ?

 Also I saw all of the Birmingham Mc’s Stay fresh, Trilla & BOMMA B  but none of them performed which was weird ?

Also near the end of the night Chronic made an appearance but the sad thing was the sound was turned down to the max and you could barely hear him let alone the instrumental.

The High light’s of the night was probably the OG’Z set.

Here are a few video’s of the night below.

The Biggest reaction from the Crowd and best wheel ups was Probably Discarda and Flirta D  you really can’t go wrong with them.

Overall it was a great night  and I can’t wait for the next one !


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