I’ve been  working on this post for while so that’s why its taken a while to go up. Its been a mad  few months  for the grime scene with all of the  big album releases this  year and  with artists  from  the scene getting in the charts. Also  with Skepta Doing a song with P diddy. So when Tinchy stryder Dropped  Game over on  his Youtube Channel on the 1′st of November featuring the signed Chart topper UK Urban artists. ( GIGG’S, PROFESSOR GREEN, TINNIE TEMPAH, DEVLIN, AND EXAMPLE.

The Certain craze Is back again, With a massive roster of mc’s on one tune. There has been A lot of Internet hype  with both of these tunes and  Game over  has  got more   exposure from  the commercial market and as where  as Pow 2011 has appealed To a broader market It still has put a smile on the Grime scene’s face.

So the big question Pow 2011 or Game over  ?

Definetly Pow 2011

The  Thing what is diluting grime Is shit like Game over…

But yes Tinchy woke up and he done Done the  game over remix with  Real Grime Mc’s on It featuring Ghetts, Slix, Griminal, Dot Rotten, Fuda Guy, Wretch 32, Roachee and Maxsta.

There Is also a female Take over Remix

It is Definetly better Compared To the orginal But still  Not better Than pow 2011 Neither really Is Pow 2011 even Comparable To The Orginal Pow, Which Is arguably The best Grime Track ever, Also It was  one of the very few “Grime” tracks To ever Get  High up In the charts. It was a pure Grime Track, It wasn’t a Pop Track It was just straight up Grime.  Also As well It was a vey Controversial Track With it being  banned In clubs. I remember being In the crowd When I was a kid and  It all Kicked off in notting hill carnival when It was played, It was also in all of the Happy slap videos (That’s  how old this song is). It was a massive hit at the  festivals as well with the most craziest mosh pits  you could ever  experience.  This Changed the Grime for ever and revolutionised The scene and gave grime  more exposure.

This is a a Classic for upper class White teenagers Playing Pow  at their House party’s in area’s like Hampsted Heath.

The Only Track That Has managed to do What Pow did To date is Probably Next hype By Tempa T. The track Is full of endless Hype.

It Is a grime  classic But  The song looses Its credebillity with  Cringe worthy kids Sipping on smirnoff ice and pretending they  are drunk While They Know  all Of the words and pronounce  The slang Incorrect at there shitty house party’s. It still is a grime track  and is one  of my  favourite tracks of all time.

But You still really Can’t compare Next hype To pow. Pow Is in A league of it’s own As the  same As Next Hype is.

Also The Instrumental of Pow known as Foward Riddim Produced By Dexplict Is Probably one of the most Recognized Grime Instrumentals Ever.

There was a few other  Songs That Sprung  from Pow. Backwards  Riddim, Forward 2, Fire camp  forward 2 and Busta ryhmes, Lil jon, Dizzee rascal remix.

So Pow has been Milked a bit, But  you never Really hear It any Grime raves these days ?

So now the review of Pow 2011

So when I first herd this  I had a massive smile on my face. My first Impression of Pow 2011 Produced  By silencer Was That it kind of sounds like a game show theme tune.

Also That  with  Wiley’s verse with that bobodudududadada, It kinds of seems like Wiley is trying to fill in D double e’s verse  in the original  with  oaaaaaah oahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Also why is Chipmunk on Pow 2011?

Also  A lot of people  have been talking about that if it should Have  sounded similar to the original.

My favourite verse Is probably between P money or JME.

Also Where is Skepta or Tempa  T ?

It Isn’t Hyped as much as the orginal.

It was  also Nice to hear Kano  on  Grime  track  Where has he been lately ?

Also here are a few versions of  Pow other  mc’s have  done

Overall  The  song is a banger But It won’t please everyone because People will  complain you  Shouldn’t have  meddled With a classic.

Well Done To Lethal  Bizzle

They  are Recording The video as we speak so When It’s out expect a post about it.

When Pow 2011 is out go and Buy it !



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  1. jj

    if you think pow 2011 is a better track than game over, then i really must question your taste in music. pow 2011 is incoherent nonsense and just noise, game over is an organized track with better lyricism and one of the biggest more addictive beats weve had in a while. no wonder everyone wanted to be on the track, including all the rejects on pow 2011

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