Paper pablo interview

This was my first ever interview published for Super super  a few months back.

So if you missed my interview with paper pablo  just before he went to jail, Check it out now  and Grab a copy of the latest super super !

Let’s talk about history, can you clear up the whole Meridian thing for us?

The Bloodline and The Adenuga Family made history but all of that has come to a closure, due to creative differences beyond my control. I wish them nothing but the best but we both have different agendas. But if u pay attention to the game you’ll see that the ex meridian members are in control.

Now you’ve released your first album (Money Talks) Who’s’ next in the Bloodline stable to get a full release?

Major has Keep Praying and then we have the Honourable BIG-H with the controversial Fire & Smoke even I can’t wait for that, I’m currently working on a double disc album called The Man The Myth.

Are you looking to add any artists to your roster?

I’m only interested in artist’s that are hard workers, you know what the game is lacking the “tupac’s” of today. Too many party songs and not enough songs made about real issues but at the same time sound good, it’s a hard balance no homo loool, if a artist does meet that criteria then I’ll add them to the team asap.

What’s the best route to the top of the game? Suge Knight’s, or Bill Gates’?

Suge Knight will always be admired for his shake down skills haha, and Bill, well that goes without saying but I’ll pick Suge all day.

From a far the grime scene looks pretty London centred and like a closed door for new MC’s. Although Bloodline are based in London you guys are from all over – what advice would you give to MC’s from places like Birmingham, Manchester etc to break through? Do you have to move to London?

Yes that will definitely help you, but it isn’t necessary you know England aint that big it could take you an hour and a half to drive from north to south in the day time the same as it takes to drive from brum 2 Ldn. You just need the links man look at Trilla he’s doing well.

It seems like a good time for music that’s a bit darker, like what you guys are doing. Why do you think this is, is it just the way the world has got or do you think everyone is sick of glossy pop stuff and wants something different?

We was quiet but as soon as we made noise people started paying attention again that’s what it is and the rest is history lol. Its Bloodline what the people want.

You guys have been onto the online TV game from early, before Grime daily etc etc. How important has the online TV stuff been in terms of promoting Bloodline and generating a hype?

Is it me or does no one watch Tv no more?? That’s why online promo is the best form of promo times have changed my brother and people need to get use to it. I have never had a video on Tv but my Cd still charted in the itunes top 100 rap/hiphop chart all form being online.

You do films as well right, do you wanna tell us about that, have you had any training etc?

I havent been acting school or none of that I just like good films and that’s what made me wanna act. London State of Mind was my first film and from that I knew it was where my heart was plus the moneys better loool. Look out for my film coming very soon.

Also since your SBTV, Grimedaily etc videos have been so well received, any plans for a Bloodline DVD?

Funny you say that I was just talking to one of my business partners and we had a idea of releasing loads of unreleased

Footage and videos along with a music so look out for that.


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