It was a beautiful sunday morning and I was running late  (As usual) so I was rushing  to seven sisters to meet my camera man (Steadman)  for the day.

It took  us a while  to  get there  and got off at bethnal green and walked  all the way to Victoria park. I also found a baby doll that I was kicking into the air  which was hilarious  but Steadman was getting a bit worried :/

On  my way to the v.i.p/Guest area to Pick  up our wrist band’s, we bumped into Scorcher, Terminator and Liam Francais

Also Watch out for my Interview with Terminator in The next issue of Super Super.

So when I finally Got to back stage I bumped into Billie JD porter and the guy who Came up with Underage Festival

So after  my very interesting conversation with  billie,Steadman and the creator of underage.

We then Found  Dubfreaks  jamming with a bottle of jd  Which Destressed  me with seeing all of theses 14 year  scene kids still thinking scene is so cool when it never really was, It was just embarassing.  But only 2 member’s where present ( Lenny still and Nicholas yeah ?)

After leaving back stage and trying to  blag some converses and failing, me and Steadman caught a Intimate set of ghetto at the community music stage.  He was also sporting those very popular jesus chain’s  which  most of the grime Scene is wearing at the moment.

Also what I thought  was hillarious was these daddy’s girls (Who probably didn’t even know what Grime the genre and the closet grime track they Herd was  POW) taking pictures with ghetts  I was Like wtf  ? This isn’t Tinchy stryder ? lol I wouldn’t be surprised if They thought ghetts was Dizzee rascal  lol

At this point we missed A lot of bands and artists. All the sets where so compacted together and it was also so hard to find info about when everyone  was on and try d  all over back stage trying to find a set times and even asked the security guards and they didn’t even have set times ?

One Thing which was amazing ! Was all of the gash  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were in heaven !

The amount of times I jizzed my self It was just madness (no homo).

Then after Akala’s set we then went backstage and bumped into the lead singer of  Darwin deez.

We then went to go and see a few random bands and had a walk  around Victoria park.

We also caught a  few mins of caspa’s set with Terminator skanking out  behind the converse stage.

I still don’t get how everyone proper get’s into dubstep and go’s mad !

Some of the kids are on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Also caught hadouken’s set which was ok and nothing really special.

Also  we caught  Tinnie tempah on the main stage / Tango stage which probably  brought in the biggest crowd of the day.

And just before Tinnie Tempah’s  Set  Chiddy bang  was on at the tango stage !

He done a amazing performance (as usual) but it wasn’t really that packed though .

Chiddy also done one of his Infamous freestyle’s  halfway through his set where the audience shouts out random words and he freestyle’s about the words the crowd  have shouted out and he completely  caused a massive high pitched Raw  from the underage festival crowd when he fitted every word into the freestyle  you have  to see it believe to believe it.  You can probably find one of them on youtube.


She’s wearing Supra’s : ( )

We then  went to the Topman ctrl stage  Thinking We where about to see  New young pony club and that’s why everyone was running to the tent.

But then me and Steadman saw New young pony clubs drum’s being taken off stage, So we where a bit confused and asked someone who’s on next and they replied Professor green ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

We both ran away  as fast as we could and screamed and shouted to he whole crowd “Professor green is shit !”

So after that me and Steadman  Chilled out with New young pony club and Drank the lead singer’s vodka Which was quite fun :)

We also left early and missed crystal castle’s set and M.I.A’s set, because we where so  exausted and kind of depressed.

My overall review of underage  was erm ……………… shit !

The reason why I say this, is that A lot of people I asked told me it was shit and even my 15 old cousin said it was shit !

I just think The underage festival has lost its touch and that it has completely changed from the  last time I was there back in 2008.

I’m still pissed off  I missed it in 2009 with JME performing :(

Also there was barely anyone there which was very surprising !

I also Think  the more commercial market  crowd was there, which is also kind of shit.

Basically it was badly organised because we didn’t know who was performing  at certain times.

Also there was a fair bit of Grime, but not Enough !

I didn’t even get any gash :( well actually to come to think of it I did !  :)


Also watch out for Footage of Underage festival on my dvd “grime and grind” out very soon!

All pictures Taken by  Steadman Gbajumo Junior and a very big thanks to him.

Check out his Flickr


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