J Beatz is one of the best new and up and coming grime producer’s out there who was nearly produced tracks for everyone !

The 18 year old producer from Enfield has a very bright future ahead of him !

Me and my photographer (luke crofton) got some exclusive pictures for this interview and some  footage for my new Dvd “Grime and grind” in Enfield lock station.


I’m good thanks just about to head down to the libary to get some coursework done and go to work.

You are one of the young guns in the scene and recently turned 18, What are views of the younger  people in the grime scene ?

I think the young guns in the scene are the future of grime, they just need to put in the work, work together to push each other as a whole and flood the scene and takeover.

Dubstep is very popular in your age range , Are you feeling Dubstep and are you planning to Produce A Dubstep tune ?

Yeah I’m definitely feeling Dubstep, Dubstep is my favourite genre in england after Grime theres too much vibes and dutty basslines in there. Yeah I’ve made a couple dubstep tunes still I’ve also been doing fusions in my beats with a cross between Dubstep & Grime to appeal to both audiences.

What are you studying at the moment in college ?

I’m currently studying Media Studies in Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield got on more year to go and i’m gone!

Who have you produced for ?

I’ve produced for Frisco, Devlin, Badness, most notably Big H, 9 Milli Major, Prezident T, Paper Pablo, Sharky Major, Dizzle Kid, Jammin, Merky Ace, M.I.K. and the list goes on.

Who is your favourite artist in the scene ?

Right now it has to be P Money cause he’s killing it right now ! He’s doing loads of radio (Which a lot of MC’s need to be doing) Smashing up the raves and every time he has a new lyric, it’s always epic. I spoke to him after Rude Kid’s launch, he says he wants a beat off me on a grime/garage vibe so hopefully we can do some work in the future.

Who is you favourite producer ?

In the grime scene it’s either Rude Kid or Teddy cos their running this ting right not but overall it has to be Dr. Dre he is the greatest producer of all time!

Who are your inspirations ?

I don’t really have inspirations to be honest. I just rate loads of producers and If I hear a beat I like for example from Teeza, Royal T or S-X and it would give me the drive to make a banger which keeps me on my toes and ups the levels.

You live around enfield , Is there anyone in the grime scene that lives near you ?

There’s a couple there’s Ragz Orginale, Blay-z & Teezy.

What is next for J beatz ?

I’ve got 3 EP’s finished and done that are coming out on 3 different labels so I’m just trying to figure out what’s coming out next but they definitely will be

out this year so don’t think when I go quiet I ain’t got nothing planned stay tuned.

Any last words ?

Go cop 1 Dutty EP out now on vinyl in uptown records and all good record shops and it is also available digitally from iTunes, Amazon, 7 Digital, Play and all good digital outlets. Follow me on twitter.com/jbeatzmusic, subscribe to youtube.com/jbeatzmusic and add me on facebook.com/jbeatzmusic


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