Milli major Interview

Hey milli major, how are you today ?

Not too bad bro I definitely seen better days.

So your new album “keep Prayin” is out ? How is that going ?

Yeah thats out now and I’m glad as well cos there was a lot of material on there that was unreleased, So it felt like when it droped, A weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There was a few problems with uptown records distributing it and that but nothing too major for major (laughs).

So what are you working on at the moment ?

At the moment im working on my EP its called “Bloods Thicker Than Water’’ and at the same time working on two mixtapes I’m giving away, no names of those projects right now though its all about “Keep Prayin” & “Bloods Thicker Than Water”.

You recently performed at just jam, how comes bloodline never perform at raves or turn up to them ?

I dont know where you got that from ? We do perform at raves its just these dumb promoters need to stat booking us more regular and if we dont turn up yet again, thats down to the promoter either false advertisment or we werent happy with something.

So paper pabs is out of jail ? is he straight back to the music then ??

Yeah the man the myth is back on road and if you know him personally then you will no hes straight to business.

How is the grime scene at the moment for you ?

The grime scenes looking healthy right now it could be in better shape but people like ourselves, logan sama and all the hard grafters are keeping it way more than alive right now.

What are your views on crazy titches new mixtape “crazy times 2″ ? what do you think this mixtape is going to do for the grime scene even though crazy is still in jail ??

I think its a big look crazy T’s a legend in the game so its only right he’s allowed to continue to make his music, we all make mistakes as humans man.

What are your views on skepta’s new tune with p diddy ?

Its a a good look for grime but if I’m honest with you my situation won’t change the slightest so I’m just doing me and not really watching that too tuff like I said it is a big look though.

Who in your opinion is the best in the grime scene ?


Do you think grime is dead ?

Unless dead is the new alive lool.

Where is prez T these days ? is there any word about his mixtape coming out soon ?

Hes about man. All I can say is stranger returns keep your eyes wide open.

Why do you think Bloodline is one of the best grime collective’s out their ?

Because as individual artists we are very strong so when we come together as a collective the force feels unstoppable

Any last words ?

Keep prayin, Bloods Thicker Than Water, B 2 DA L

Go to

Where you can purchase “pray for me” and “keep prayin”


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