INDIE KIDS secretly like grime ?

You got your scene kids that  jump on grime that get stoned and just look at their hair all day, Then you have  the hipsters that dabble’s into  grime and probably  goes to the odd grime  rave  and  probably buy’s the odd “grime album”.  Im  sounding  really sterotypical arnt I lol ?  But the mass majority of the Indie  “alternative crowd”  put grime  to the  side and are just stuck in their indie consumed box.

If grime  was covered and sum 1 in their ingroup of freinds like grime they would all start listening  to it. But does the  grime scene need  that ??

They all love lethal bizzzle, Dizzee rascal,  jme and tempa t so its a start  ? lol

New project !

Basically im going to interview Nme readers and  ask them what they think about grime and if Grime should be in nme and if it is badly potrayed in the media  and  people are very narrow minded about grime and don’t even  give it a chance ? Also this will  be a massive post  so watch out for it !

Grime  fans are very loyal  to their scene  and has a dedicated community to the scene.

But it needs to get bigger. Also are you guys bored of  listening to the same music.

Don’t get me wrong I listen to everything, but grime is in my heart.

With metro  covering  grime now and  with other publications like super super and  rwd have been  doing it for a while. These publications  are keeping up with the  times.

With NME   putting trilla on the nme blog. That is  just a little baby step for grime, baslline and the  northen  grime scene.

Billy jay holmes who was a guest writer for this  site was doing work experience in the nme this week and grabbed  a copy of who are ya  in the pile of cd’s  on the NME stereo.

I have a few projects this summer and one is  to get grime  more coverage and get  my dvd  out and interview grime bloggers.

Because I have finished college and hopefully not failed.

Southgate college is full of cunts. There I fucking said it I’m  surprised I didn’t commit suicide in that soul crushing  college lol.

Don’t go there ! lol

I’m going to be working  hard this  summer so watch out for me.


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