J2K Interview

J2k  is one of the mc’s for me that seal’s the deal  when he is on the line up for a grime rave. Because he is  just one of best MC’s out there and is in one of the biggest Grime crews out there “Roll deep”. J2k is one of  only a few members I respect in roll deep and hasn’t yet done a commercial track with them. Also some of you may know J2k is from east london and was in the same  crew “The alliance” as the legendary Crazy Titch who is serving time in jail. Even though J2k has been in the scene  for quite a while now, he still seems Fresh and stands out from other mc’s.

Are you still in Roll deep, How  do you think roll deep have progressed and do you think they have sold out with good times even  when it went to number 1 and why do you think they have changed their sound are they ever going to go back to their roots or just going to make pop, Do you think they can still claim being one of grime best crews  ?

Yeah im in rolldeep, rolldeep make a variety of music, rolldeep have a free grime mixtape dropping soon, rolldeeps the reason why the vast majority are here! Directly or indirectly! You don’t have to like it/them but you have to respect it bottom line.

You where in the same crew as crazy titch “The alliance” you said at just jam he was doing a madness in jail the other day, can you elaborate ?  What do you think happened to the grime scene when crazy titch went to jail and when he get’s out, would he come back to grime ?

Lets just say titch has got fire for them! And you might just see some material soon! When titch went to jail the grime scene lost one of its best characters! a lot of people felt safe to come out the box on some mc hype when he left but he’s the originator of that! A lot of man in the grime scene were quiet when he was about! And as far as him coming back on the music thing Its more than likely he will watch for new ALLIANCE bits

Who is the best mc in grime at the moment for you ?


Who is  do you think is going to win the world cup ?


You where in grime dailys first video why did they approach you to do the first video,Did they think it was going to blow up as much as it did ?

You would have to ask them why they approached me first! But postys good people he understands whats good! And yeah I did think it would be big I even told him that EARLY! Ask him! lol

You started the trend  to make mixtapes, could you tell us more how you started the trend for grime mixtapes ?

Well I would say I more started a model of putting out music from a grime artists perspective rather than an out-and-out “grime” mixtape what I mean by this is before I came about the general model for an mc from the scene would be to get onto radio build yourself up maybe put out a vinyl and get bookings all of these which I did (on a  low scale) might I add lol but to have a cd out before you were signed was more or less non excistant my introduction to the game to where people took real notice was when I put a cd on the shelf  showcasing myself on beats with grime tempos purposely along with some rap bits cause at the time me and TNT (producer) where trying to work a sound we didn’t have a name but then grime wasn’t even called grime then we just knew we wanted to keep that tempo and try a ting which then birthed tunes like “switched up” and “they will not like you” ft wiley which were tunes played on grime sets and shows but not necessarily your conventional bass heavy dark grimey style but mixed in well this then transcended onto bbc1xtra who supported before they even had a grime show on there! these times I was young and experimenting I actually took my verses off and left one on it with my chorus and let wiley do the rest! All this then created another avenue for the new wave of grime mcs to get out there in another way other than radio and raves which was not easy them times! Not to say this method was easy cause it weren’t it was the first of its kind so there was obvious obstacles but it worked hence why mixtapes birthed a lot of mcs afterwards!

WIth your previous mixtape #now playing are  you planning to  release more material soon ?

Yeah I will release more and it will probably be free again!!

You have performed at Glastonbury and v festival, are you going to Perform at any festivals this year, why do you think not a lot of grime acts get booked at festivals ?

Yeah I actually just did glastobury again and there was grime acts their p-money jj blacks rolldeep scorcher wretch skepta chipmunk were all there so the bookings are there fam! Will be touching most of the festivals this year still!

You have been in the scene since 2003, How has grime evolved over the year in  you opinion ?

Its evolved just like any other new music really its got more professional in areas more opportunities have been made available but then on the flip side I feel like respect and appreciation for the dj has been lost which is a bit sad which I think is due to the internet getting people gassed!!! But other than that it’s getting through slowly believe me!

Any last words ?

Just keep posted for the releases @j2klive and j2klive.com bless.


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