YES I skate.

This picture was taken when 2 years ago and  I have been skating for 6 years, WELL almost 7.  But had  a little break after my first year  year of skating.

I’m still shit at  skating maybe,  its because I’m not a stoner ?

Its pretty easy  to skate  to be honest and if you are unsure go onto youtube or go to your local skate park well I’m more of a street skater.

When  I was  likke yout dem I got my hands on a few of the Tony hawks series for ps2 and after that  I was inspired to skate.

Also  what  Really Influenced me to skate was jurassic 5 with this amazing song  “A day at the races”

I’m not  a guy to show off when it comes  to skating and I rather cruise and  enjoy the feeling of skating and I cba to buy a Cruiser they are Too BIG !

Also  if you have just started to skate please don’t give up. Even if you cut your self or break your bones. Ive  fallen on the street countless times and I get up and skate again when  Fall of a skate board. I have never really injured my self except from this one time a dog chased me in france  but i have had cuts and bruises in the past but this incident was bad and this   probably happened to me about  2 years ago as well.

It looks like its on the side of my arse lol

I Also ripped my elbow to pieces but I cant find  the pictures lol

So what ever  you do keep skating and fuck  the haters  just do you and skate with supra’s mrtremix recommends that also wear protective wear  if your going to do something dangerous lol

Here are some nice skating video im liking lately


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2 responses to “BE A SKATER LIKE MRTREMIX !

  1. katy

    omg ur so shit @ skating.
    & seriously.. u cannot write properly for shit!
    are you a spaz or what?

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