Brown bear style interview

Brown bear style is one of  best  grime bloggers that’s out there and stands out from a lot of bloggers. He also covers fashion and life and  events (A lot of them)  So check out my interview  with Brown bear style now !

How do you think grime is a whole atm ?

Grime unites London through an eclectic mix of people enjoying it together. Now grime is based in East – the trendy side. It’s a positive movement and it influences people. It’s a culture.

You are at every grime  rave I go to, Do you think this is a key thing to do ?

If you are blogging as a team you can cover every grime rave. As a single blogger, I go to the grime events I enjoy as I’m a grime fan but also you need to go to as many as possible to see what’s going on. I also try to go to a range of events to interest as many people as possible.

What  is your opinion of other bloggers and do u think there is any rivalry between anyone ?
Good luck to other bloggers! I don’t know about rivalry but everyone has their opinions and some people don’t like different opinions. Some bloggers just blog to become an internet celebrity but I like what I’m doing. If no one read it I’d still do it but if people like what you’re doing it’s a bonus.

Is there any other blogs you like ?

The blogs I like are partyandbullshit, work it, 40 oz van, bntl etc. I could go on all day!

You  go to a lot of video shoots and go studio with mc’s how do you get these opportunities ?

I get the opportunities because I know some artists – I grew up with and others saw my blog and invited me down. You have to network with everyone.

You take some pretty dope pictures in clubs and of kicks did u study photography ?

No. I haven’t studied anything about photography. I did a Sports Science degree. Someone gave me a camera and I just started taking pictures.

who is your favourite grime artist ? My favourite grime artist at the moment is P Money because he’s the closest to what’s happening on the grime circuit.

What  fuels your passion  to blog ?

I have a passion to blog because I want to show everyone my viewpoint of London. I take all my pictures, I write and I edit all my videos.

Is there anything you haven’t achieved that  you want to like  working for a publication ?
Yeah, I would like to work for a magazine as a street fashion researcher.

What is next for Brown bear style

Next for Brownbearstyle is linking with my fried who is living in New York and in London we are working on Brown Bear Youth which is under construction on my website.

Any last words ?

Anyone who wants to blog, focus on content, research and having exclusives. If you like what you’re doing someone else will too. And of course, look at


Check  Brown bear style now

Brown bear style’s  Flickr

Brown bear style’s  youtube

Brown bear style’s twitter


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