M.I.K  is one of  the artists keeping it Grimey and bringing it back to it’s roots.

I had  a quick chat with him and talked about his new Mixtape “Grime to five”

Go and buy it now !

Hey M.I.K how are you today ?

I’m fine just a bit tired.

I herd you on Logan sama’s set the other day, How did that go ?

I feel it Went well, productive as always

Your getting quite a name for your self lately why do you think you’re getting noticed by more people ?

Mainly the first mix CD ‘Workaholic’ and all the promotion I’ve been doing of late things such as Mic Fight, Freestyles, War dubs, Promos, EPS, Radio and of course the new mix CD ‘Grime To Five’.

How do you think grime is at the moment ?

There ain’t really no core sound for it anymore like there was before due to the fact of all he Hip Hop styled beats and sample packs being used by producers and MCs talking bout there new trainers and a the latest watch with million stones it’s laced with.

What is the name behind m.i.k ?

Bascially it means Musik Is Knowledge.

With your new mix tape grime to five are you going to do any music videos for the songs ?

I’ve done one already for a track called ‘Never Seen Never Heard’ produced by Royle T featuring Kwam.

I may do one for either Wars Normal, Im Back You Know or Trouble Maker not sure though.

What are your views on grime bloggers have they helped you out promote your stuff ?

I feel there all good from you’re doing something to help promote the music and artists its always a strong look for the scene.

I don’t see you at any raves would you rather just put out material ?

I would do raves if I got booked (laughs) but I don’t push myself out there like that so I can’t really complain about that too much I’m doing fine releasing CDs right now.

Who produced the best track on Grime to five ?

It’s hard to just pick one because there all good for different reasons.

What is next for m.i.k ?

Looking to release a Dubstep EP sometime soon and just working on my next mix CD which I aint got a name for yet but Im may go with ‘Cheque mate’ or ‘Over Time’.

Any last words ?

Grime To Five out now go support real grime music!


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