Boy better know v.i.p video shoot and Jme interview

As you know boy better  know  are the Biggest grime collective’s ever and are un touchable !

With shorty’s  mixtape “short man syndrome”  and majestic’s mixtape “888″

“v.i.p” feature’s on both of the mixtape’s featuring   all of boy better know and B live !

Listen to it hear.

I was luckily invited  to the video shoot .

The first  location of the video

Was at opera  in tottneham ,As you know i live in tottenham so it  was just like a 5 minute walk

I  Got there at 1 and everybody was runinng late and everybody finally got there at  2.   Skepta and jammer was  the last few  to turn  up  and it the video started.

Also scorcher  was the director of the video.

My m8 bought a bought a bottle of whisky and c gritz was downing it all. LOL

I had a little with c gritz and shorty and quason from  grime daily about grime and about the scene and etc.

As you can tell with these pictures below I took them with my shitty camera lol.

So the  while the video  was being recorded I bagged my self  a interview with jme.

Jme  didn’t really get a lot of sleep so he was quite  tired  because he had to get his hair done and he barely got any sleep and had to wake up early to money in the bank for his new  rims  and was playing street fighter with b live on his I phone while I was interviewing him. Also  I was writing  this whole interview on a note pad, I need  to get a recorder.

Are you planing  to release a album  ?

First I’m pushing my latest single with Tempa t “cd is dead”   but this wil be the  4th song i will release from the album 1st I done  over me then  “side tracked”  and then  “Pic up the mic and spray” then “cd is dead”.

What’s happening with the  very popular boy better know  t’s ?

I’m trying to sort it out with the merchandiser and trying to sort  out  the rights with the bootlegger on ebay and  when he stops selling them ill  start  producing but it  is quite hard  to produce  the t’s with the bootlegger having the right  but when I  sort  it out ill produce the t’s again .

What has your biggest acheivement been ?

Getting my degree in university.

What was the track that  got you media  coverage and got  you known ?

The  first track when i got  proper  noticed was serious

What  are your views on certain artists selling out ?

You will always get get hate looking after your career and   when  a  Artist makes a commercial shit tune , I think its a hard subject to talk about these certain artists doing better than they thought. side tracked wasn’t grime but i was doing grime from day and I’ll always be a grime artist

Who inspired you  to do music ?

A mc called mc pimples  from ganja fam back in 2001 in tottenhamat heat fm, Also wiley.

What is  your view  about the shooting at the grime daily party  ?

It wasn’t  a grime rave and there has been  way worse things that  has happned at things like this.

What is  your view on the grime scene as a whole ?

There’s only a matter of time for USA  and uk people making  it big in america like estelle so grime is getting bigger.

I told jme  about paying £40 for his  derk head and tropical mixtape  on ebay and he wasnt  even  surprised !

Will  you ever re release them again ?

There’s some track i can’t release again but i dont know  but i think ill try and release it and make a mixtape of all the best track from all of the boy better  know volumes and put a Dvd together  with it.

I also spoke to jme about his views with the grime Forum and he was a bit puzzled of the amount of hate  I got.

He doesn’t really have a view about the grime forum and when Thing’s are online It’s different and things like twitter are really perosnal.

Is their any chance of your unreleased stuff goin to surface ?

I have got loads of unrleased material and none of my tracks get ever leaked and if you ever see leaked track of jme on youtube they are just chatting shit.


Also when we where  going to the other  location skepta told me He’s not a sell out and is still grime and the beat’s he spits over are 140 bpm and the only thing he is going to sell out is a tour !

So on  The way to Romford  I got into The make up artist’s car all th way to romford and i  had shorty’s cup for some reason  and had it all the way to romford.

We got to the next location in romford and we where ate one of those kids fun house’s with balls pits ?

The video took quite a few hours  in Romford and finished quite late.

Near the end of the day Skepta though he would  do this  kids course with  out a safetly line thing

sorry about the quality with my camera.

Overall the day was pretty good and  I had a great day and it  was a good experience.

So  I needed to get home and  I luckily got a ride home and  I  got a lift home in jme’s car with  Jme,skepta and B live.

This was Probably one of the best Grime moments of my  Life with jme, skepta and B live freestyling  the journey lasted about 30 minutes and  half way through the journey There  we all witnessed a massive police chase and with helcopters and over 30 police cars chasing some one it was mad!

So I got dropped off home and before  I left the car  Skepta said “BOY BETTER KNOW FOR LIFE” and I replied and repeated what he said and thanked them for the ride home and Jme’s matt black bmw looked like a bat mobile  That whisked off into the night.

That was just the icing on the cake !

So here’s the video of v.i.p

Shout out to all everyone there and Akash for photo’s



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4 responses to “Boy better know v.i.p video shoot and Jme interview

  1. Baz

    No mention of me nah??? Looool I got u there,gt u the lift back which u decided to go without me and Im jus the ” mate” looool para r us! Ahahahahaha!

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  3. Mazer

    lol you are a flippin spanner.

    JME played street fighter while you interviewed him??

    Skepta shouted ‘boy better know for life’ and you repeated it?!

    You paid £40 for a cd?!

    haha fuck off, you and your blog.
    Man cant spell and has shit grammer then has the cheek to write a blog?

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