Camera man sketch Interview

Camera man sketch is one of the biggest Grime camera men out their But is under rated compared  to other competitors.

He has a a few dvd’s out and now is Going to Have a website up very soon.

Go and check out his youtube channel now

So check out my Indepth interview with Camera man sketch and this is his First written interview.

I’m fine just on the motorway loool.

So sketch why did you start getting into filming ?
I started co-managing desperado.

Is there any thing you do except filming and selling your dvd’s and putting video’s on youtube ?

well after filmin video for mainstream artists and doin my paid work on filmin bookings and travellin and uploading and editing and networking and goin threw my youtube comments etc I sell cars.

What type of cars do you sell ?

General cars corsa clio fiestas.

What is you opinion of the grime scene atm ?

Its like a spring board to build up a fanbase and go mainstream but then again thats only my opinion innit, I believe all this talk of london artists get the best privilleages needs to stop because artists like trilla,wariko, fangol,shifty etc have showed if u have good talent it will show other than that grime is good.

Is there any rivalry with any other camera men ?
No not really theres no1 in the nottingham to contend with its just me really if ur askin if cameramen from london should feel that I’m there rival u should ask them ca they dont come to nottingham and film artists from here I’m the kinda man that is prepared to go any where and I have other aims I want to help this scenery im involved in to help most of the artists get there full visuals.

Also do you think you have progressed when you have made a new dvd after another ?

Definitely every time i make a dvd i get my fanbase/support higher that therefore makes grime get more broadcasted and my work and quality gets better ever time with the camera each dvd i do.

Do you think networking is a key thing to do ?

Its 80% of the job the rest is just drivin about makin sure ur at the raves gettin freestyles and good footage.

What make’s a good grime dvd ?

Well u need good artists that can spit deliver and come with good content u need a little clash indirect/direct and some good footage of the scene it all helps to keep the people updated on whats goin on.

Who was the first mc you have ever filmed ?

Who has gave you the best freestyle and interview ?

The best interview was open footage u was there when ghetts never turned up to his bookin y we dont no, o yh p money was booked there by the way and I was askin supporters questions and catching jokes with the og’s on a more serious note a good interview i had has been with dj hott stepper .

Tell me about your new dvd ?

Well it’s goin to have big freestyles mini videos live p.a’s interviews and few female artists.

When is you website coming out ?

Should be end of july early august.

What skill is better good camera skill or editing ?
Bit if both actually If u don’t edit it properly have footage out of sink u will not be filmin that artist again lol u need to come correct with footage with filmin and editing.

Do you do this work by yourself ?

Yes I do all work by myself  but 1 thing I travel film edit do all my networkin myself I only use 1or2 people to help me with editin my mini videos.

As most people know you live in Nottingham, SO WHICH GRIME IS BETTER NOTTINGHAM OR LONDON GRIME ?

Well grime is grime I have personal favourite artists from london and nottingham but I dont look it like that I look at it as a whole uk is grime i dont like to single any area out by thinkin whose better if a artist is good ill give them there props not by where they come from.

What would you say to up and coming camera men ?
Well its not easy if u dont have a bring in from scratch ull need to show u can do non-stop-filmin for at least 1year before u get a notice and if ur in it for the money I would say ur lookin in the wrong place I learnt to love filmin passionately before I made any made most of my money goes into petrol travelling and thats because I like to film every where.

What is next for cameraman sketch ?
Well the new dvd called 2010 is what im workin on now and makin my website still filmin freestyle,interviews and doin mini videos for my youtube.

Any last words ?

Check out my youtube channel

follow me on twitter

If u want a video or any filmin done holla me on facebook


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