Once upon a Grime interview (Grime blogger)

Graeme day aka onceuponagrime has made  big movements this year and is the first person I’m interviewing for my grime bloggers project.

This is a very in depth interview so let’s  see what graeme has to say.

Check him out  http://www.onceuponagrime.blogspot.com/

HEY Once upon a grime how are you today ?

Yeah I’m good thanks, half terms kicked in, so got a little bit of time off now.

When did you start getting into Grime?

My cousin showed me Boy In Da Corner back in 2003, so probably then. I didn’t really get fully into Grime then, but that’s when I started listening to it. I was still listening to 50 Cent, The Game etc. around those times.

You haven’t been been in blogging for long ( since november) i’ve been blogging just a month before you had started. You probably have one of the most successful grime blogs out their how have u achieved so much in such little time ?

I wouldn’t say most sucessful, there’s still a long way to go to gain more reputation. But, I suppose there was a gap in the market for a blog that keeps up-to-date with all the best Grime. Frankstah does the reviews, Hyperfrank has quality control with what she posts and JP is off doing his thing with other companies now. So yeah, like I said, there was a gap and I just jumped in.

You keep very consistent with your blog how many posts do you do a day ?

It was at one point seven a day so the homepage was completely filled with new little blogs when you came on the site. But then I noticed I was missing out on a lot of stuff some days, so now it’s just whatever I can find and I have time for really.

I’ve never seen you at any rave how comes you never go ?

Simply not a big fan of raving to be fair. I prefer the pub. Raving in London is either slags on the dancefloor, or rude boys screwfacing on the side of the dancefloor. Can’t say I’m into that scene…

What are your views on the grime forum i see you go on their on a regular basis ?

Yeah it’s good. I avoided signing up for ages, but finally gave in. Of course you’ve got some pricks on there, but now the whole ‘rep & neg’ system has been taken away, it’s a lot better.

As you may have noticed ? There has been a lot of tension between a lot of bloggers. why do you think this is happening it isn’t like we are mc’s lol Do you think Bloggers can sort out their differences ?

Yeah with some bloggers, but not all. I just released a free downloadable mixtape with Team Supreme, so some of us get on. Probably due to some people being big-headed and don’t want to see new people on the scene.

What is better , Having connections or being a great journalist ?

The old saying goes; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. You could be the best writter in the world, but if you haven’t got any connections, how are you going to get places? But of course, you need some sort of balance.

Graeme Day

Tell me about you presenting your own promo’s and your latest promo “the project” ?

It wasn’t me who came up with the idea actually, it was Team Supreme. There wasn’t much out at the time, so we decided to throw out this little download. Just as we were about to do so, Logan Sama went and put one out, and so did Grime Daily. Due to this, we held it back, got more tracks, and finally put it out the other day.

Who’s your inspiration ?

I can’t say I look up to anyone blogging wise or anything. I just happened to stumble across doing so when I was bored and stuck with it.

You write for sbtv how is that going ?

Yeah it’s going well. Another name on my CV really. I just blog mainly the Grime or Rap stuff. I don’t really write about the A64s or other videos along those lines.

What has your best grime moment been for you ?

My best moment? Wasn’t even in Grime to be honest. I write for another website called Dropout UK, and the other week got invited to the launch of an Xbox game called Blur. That was pretty good. Free food, open bar, Xboxs everywhere. Plan B performed and all I had to do was write a review. Hopefully I’ll get more of that.

Who influenced you to do grime blogging?

Back in September time, I was writting for another blog called Grime Garms.That went a bit quite, so I decided to start my own blog. So if anyone, Ben over at Grime Garms influenced me. Grime Garms is back up again, go check it out.

Who is your favourite grime blog except yours ?

Either Grime Garms or Team Supreme, but they’re completely different but similar to mine in a way.

Your favourite Grime artist ?

Of all time, Scratchy. I dunno why, just think he’s sick.

What mc has given you the best interview?

I’d say Hammer, even though he isn’t an MC. He just gave really descriptive answers. I’ve had a couple where it was just one liners, they pissed me off.

What do you think grime needs to be pushed to the next level ?

More radio time. Slang Like This by P Money and Sukh Knight was/is getting played on daytime Radio 1. Even though it is Dubstep with a Grime MC, we need more tracks like this.

What are your goals in life ?

To be honest, I don’t even know. I don’t even have any apart from the whole nice car, nice house, wife etc.

Do you think their should be a grime publication ?

RWD cover Grime a little, and JP is pushing Grime over at MTV Wrap Up. But I don’t think it would work with a forum like Grime Forum keeping you up-to-date with everything. So if anything, sign up to Grime Forum or check my blog.

Is there any other type of music you like or just grime ?

Dubstep, a bit of Indie now and then, I really like Plan B’s new sound. The occasion Hip-Hop, UK, not that American rubbish.DO you buy grime ? and what are your views on people who say they love grime but they just download it illegally ?

Do you buy grime ?

I was apart of the Limewire generation, that’s how I found out about Grime. Simply search Wiley or Dizzee Rascal and download whatever I could see. But if you do download something, and you do like it, buy it and support the artist. Also, if you download it and don’t like it, then delete it, there’s no harm in that is there?

How do you think grime is doing atm ?

It’s getting watered down loads. I barely listen to new Grime when I’m at home unless it’s the likes of OGz, Ghetts, Dot Rotten etc. I find myself listening to the old stuff a lot. It’s simply getting a bit boring now.

What is the big next step for once upon a grime ?

Probably take it into a full blown website. Like I said, I don’t have any plans, just seeing where it goes.

IS there anything else you want to say ?

Shoutout to Mr T Remix for taking time out with this. Check the blog and support Grime if you generally do like it…

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  1. cheers for the mention graeme, keep doing your thing!

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