Yeah yeah yeah im still about !

Last week  Iv’e been  quite busy trying to strap this grime Blogger interview project and I’ve missed a few just jam’s  at alibi.

Also I was at Jool’s Holland  last episode of the season at the BBC studio’s the other day !

Crystal castle’s where there also MGMT,vampire weekend, Metric, Corinne Bailey Rae and Sir Tom jone’s .

Watch  it here now.…_with_Jools_Holland_Series_36_Episode_7/

See if you can spot me in the crowd :) !

Also I was  at the new era office in china town  and Entered the building and I was greeted with hats on every wall and a very  nice spacious office and quite well Presented with sofa’s and Mishka pillows on them and a fridge  full of refreshments. This is the office where most of people  who are sponsored by new era pick up some hats and other new era products. It was really nice to have a look around the office and observe what was going on.

I was in heaven !

Shout out to new era and samantha.

Later that day I went to go to see Chiddy bang at Scala.

If you haven’t herd about Chiddy bang you have Deffinetly herd his sample of  MGMT kids.

Entitled : Opposite of adult’s

The support I saw was kind of shit but not really my type of band to be honest.

They just seemed like another generic rock band,  There was nothing really special  but the white guy with the afro looked pretty cool.

Chiddy Bang was one of the best hip hop acts I’ve seen a while since Jurrasic 5  back in 2006 at Brixton academy.

Chiddy bang enetered the stage with  so mych hype and  was very confident on stage  but not cocky.

I do think he’s more popular over here than in the u.s.

Chiddy’s brother “cheese burger” Jumped on stage and had a little  dance on stage but he didn’t  really do anything I thought he was going to mc ?

Chiddy was very interactive with the crowd and knew how to work  them.

Chiddy’s drummer clamied  Chiddy is one of the best freestyler’s ever, He was actually right.

Chiddy asked the crowd what  to freestyle about and  wrote down words on plates and put these words in the freestyle with words like California and Boston.

Here is the video of his freestyle at Scala.

Chiddy bang  finished his set with his new single “Truth” Also  all of the support acts and Chiddy’s friend’s and Master shortie where dancing on stage  to Truth.

Here is a weirdly edited video of the whole night.

This video isnt mine i dont know why there are girls walking up a escalator. lol !

This was such a amazing set and was Brilliant. Chiddy bang has been covered in NME a lot lately but his gig in America  got a quite bad review by them, I don’t know  why because  he was one of the best hip hop acts I’ve seen.

Also check out Chiddy bang’s f64

On June 9th

A new monthly club night  “Bust a nut” on every a second Wednesday of the month.

Also chockablock are back again on June 11th at egg

I have been working at egg a lot recently so  you will probably see me working  there or hopefully ill be there skanking it out.

Also  I might not be able to make it  because I’m going france. But I think that will be postponed.  But to replace me  if i don’t  I will have  at least 2 MR.T REMIX photographers there on the night but if i go they still will be there.  So this  night will be covered.

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