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ILLAMADI is making a name  for him self  This year with his  forthcoming Debut mixtape “Duppy Your Disco” and has his own Clothing line lyrics 4 lyrics with his brother bwoy wonder Aka The plastic surgeon. And has  Just finished interview with a US fashion tv channel  With the lego brick chains  having global success with notable people wearing his chains such as Russell Simmons , harmar superstar, pharell williams and chris rock !  Also  lyrics 4 lyrics just did a photo shoot collabo with . I Also  have been meaning to buy one of these chains  for a while now but i really haven’t had the money  but i was thinking of   getting a customized MR.T REMIX one  or a Supra one with the logo on  it or maybe just a pac man one :)

Also There’s a

L4L new range of lego clothing in Paris


I’m still breathing so I’m all good mr t

So did you decide to become a artist before your clothing line (lyrics4lyrics) or after  ?

I was always into music but more in the background the clothing came after but took the music thing seriously when the clothing started popping off

Are you going to be releasing any new material  soon , will there be any collaborations  ?

Yeah my debut mixtape Duppy Your Disco is wrapped up now just getting it hosted by Dre (@RushHourDre) then will upload it and press a few 100 physical copies too this will be FREE

Shooting a video with Calibar which will be for the EP which will be retail

What  comes first music or fashion for you ?

They kind of guy hand in hand especially nowadays where image is important to sell yourself but I don’t my music dictate my fashion or vice versa

Lets talk  about  your infamous chains , How did  you and your brother bwoy wonder  come  up with the idea for them ?

The story goes that back in early ’08 he saw our little sister playing with lego putting it together making mad shapes and then he just had a lightbulb moment and thought let me make this into a mario character add a chain and bingo!
This was when the nu rave scene was popping off and everybody was customising their clothes/jewellery etc

When we 1st wore them out in public it caused instant reactions good and bad some people didn’t “get it” but a lot of people were on it!

What’s the name behind “lyrics 4 lyrics” ?

Our cousin justin initially started L4L he’s now based in LA dealing with our american customers but lyrics4lyrics came about during the time grime beef/clashing was rife
And means instead of going at each other physically let’s keep it music and go at it bar 4 bar “lyrics4lyrics”

What happened with that lethal  bizzle beef  on twitter because I saw bizzle  wearing a lyrics for lyrics hat ?

That was nothing just a bit of fun I aint got beef with him I rate him he was one of the 1st artists to wear L4L but I think he took it to heart knowledge from fire camp and stopped following me on twitter tho lol

Lethal bizzle

What  was the first  chain  you came up with ?

Mario and luigi for the launch of mario kart on nintendo DS

Does lego get any money from the chains ?

Nah all goes towards L4L they do give bwoy wonder lego at discounted prices tho

Who are you rating in the grime scene atm ?

Grime scene has been diluted I think it has merged with so many other genres now funky dubstep electro etc that I’m losing track of who is an out and out grime artist I can rate but probably illamadi

I know there is a lot of people who where  your chains like kid rock , mika , pharell , and many more   But is there  any grime artists wearing them ?

Apart from me double s from marvel has one but I aint seen him wearing it yet .

I saw that  video of you with black the ripper (moving)  are  you going to collaborate  with  him again ?

Yes will definitely work again! Gonna HOLLA BLACK before his schedule gets even busier!

Which  country do u get  the biggest profit from your  clothing line from ?

The far east! Hong Kong etc they go crazy over the chains especially we even got them in their tv adverts for LG phones

You  also have  a blog  ! hows that going ?

Bwoy wonder runs that its basically a portal for everything to do with L4L as well as other brands/labels and artists!

How long does it usually take to make a  lego brick chain ?

Depends on the size/how many bricks/stones needed but won’t take more then an hour bwoy wonder is a wizard with the bricks

Is there  any or big things what   are in the pipeline for lyrics 4 lyrics ?

We have a black summer range which is out and are now implementing the lego and clothing together which has not been done before check out the blog!! also bwoy wonder has something for your ears real soon watch this space!

What  is the best thing you have achieved ?

Probably winning diesel music award for best unsigned artist on channel 4
getting L4L recognised world wide but there’s still a lot lot more way more to do before I can

IS there  anything else you want to say ?

ILLAMADi will Duppy Your Disco!!!


Illamadi’s youtube channel

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