Rude kid interview

Rude kid is one of the biggest grime producers  out their and has made  name for  him self  for the whole grime scene, He has a album ARE YOU READY out now.  Rude kid came  across very well  in This Interview and is quite inspiring.  Rude kid shows he is dedicated in the scene and is a  hard working individual. This is probably one of  my best interview’s yet.
Hey Rude Kid how are you today ?

I’m good mate, just been a very busy month with my cd out but its been good.

In my opinion  you are on of the best grime producers in  grime atm. Is there any other producers you like ?
Thanks man. theres so many producers who are making good music right now, i will name a few Silencer,Swindle,Terror Danjah, Joker,
Sukhnight theres much more but thats just a few names.
Why did  you start producing  ?

I used to listen to alot of pirate radio back in the days (dejaVu) and the music getting played use to inspire me tunes by rapid and jammer.
then one day i was given a programme to make beats and i started from there.

Is there any big influences for you in the grime scene ?

Not really you know, but i do watch how hard people work and that makes me wanna work extra harder.
What software  do you use  to make beats ?
I use FruityLoops since ive started and i still use it. i dont think i will ever stop using it. i no how to use
cubase and logic aswell. but i just perfer to use what i no best.

Eletric is my most favourite instrumentals of  all  time how  long did  it take and did you know it would be as big as it was ?

I think thats alot of peoples favourite tune right now, it didn’t take me that long to make maybe a few hours. i didnt
think it would be big as it is now, like for producers and mc’s you dont really know which one your tunes is gonna be big.
but everyone who i showed the beat to were going crazy so i knew the beat was something special.

Who is your most favourite artist atm ?
Right now i dont have just one favourite theres bare of them Skepta, Pmoney, D Double E, Wiley too many to name hahah

How  do  you come  up with the name of  the songs  if  they are just beats  ?   if you get  me ?

Basically whatever i see first i name it that, for example ive got a beat called AFTERSHAVE on my CD that was
made because i see aftershave on my desk, i just name them randomly to be honest. before i use to proper sit down
and think of a name but what i clocked was people dont really care about the name lol they care about the beat.

Tell me about you new album are  you ready ?

My new album has 14instrumentals some classics on there like THE BEST,UFO remix, and Window cleaner theres new tunes on
there like AFtershave, Jack Daniels, Electric and theres melo tunes on there like Leave Me alone and Space Dance. Basically
this CD has all the different styles of beats i make. and also the old classics for people who aint heard of me before.

Is there any artist you would like to work with ?

I think ive worked with nearly every artist ive wanted to work with the only artist i want to work with right now
is Dizzee Rascal.

How  long have you been producing for ?

I’ve been producing for like 4 years now. trust me it took alot of hard work and alot of people putting me down
to even get heard in music. like alot of DJ’s MC’s use to ignore me but i didn’t get effected by it.. it just made
me wanna work harder. now those same DJ’s and MC’s need me hahahahaha. but that just shows if you belive in yourself
you can do anyting you want. trust me

What  are your views on  up and coming producers if you like them  will you take them under your wing or will just let them  do their thing ?

There’s alot of new producers coming through which is very good to see. we need more producers with different styles.
i cant take anyone under my wing because i still have alot of work to do myself.
but i will defo advice any one who asks for it. im easy to talk to.

Mr.FREAK from Dubfreaks told me that your using a lot more ‘dubstep’ sounds. Whats your take on the whole dubstep scene at the moment and would you say your involved in it ?
The dubstep scene is crazy, i love the energy but dubstep and grime are the same to me not much difference to me.

Also  who is the best mc at a rave ?

Right now Pmoney, Skepta, and Tempa T thats who i think

What  are your goals that   you want to achieve that you haven’t achieved yet ?

Theres so many goals i want to achieve i will be here all day saying them haha.. i will say a few though,
i wanna do a vocal album, do another instrumental video, work alot with singers, and just bring my style
into the mainstream music world.

Thanks again  is there anything else you want to say ?

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ARE YOU READY instrumental album out NOW!

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