New Era x Iron Man II

iron man 2 new era

As you may of known i went to see the Iron man 2  last week Tuesday  for the advanced screening.

The film overall was very  good i got really stuck into it although i didn’t see the First one it didn’t really matter but i will definitely watch it now ! The only thing  i have to criticize is that I was right at the back at the top and it was so hot at the odeon cinema in Leicester square.

As you know I’m a massive fan of new era !   If you  have ever met or seen me about at a gig or rave etc !

I’m always wearing a  new era and there will be no time when you will see me without one.

Obviously  had to make a dig out my most precious  hat and make a good impression !   As you know also I’m a big supra head so I thought ill wear my supra footwear new era.

supra new era

So i went with niyi who was invited and is sponsored by new era and is the same as me when it comes to wearing new era everyday.

So i got around there 8.30 and I entered paradise with free beer , sushi and with new era’s in all different colors surrounding me. Also they were playing grime on the night so this night could not get any better :)

It was good to speak to the new era staff  for once and talk to them about their collections and story’s about new era. Because Iv’e been  into the flag ship store so many times and bought some tasty hats their and it was nice to have a proper chat with them this time.

Also i had a nice chat with  Tim & barry and had a little catch up with s.b tv and talked to him about the boy better  know video shoot we were at . I also spotted marvell crew but didn’t have a chance to chat to them.

new era party 5

The picture’s of the paintings where giving away in a raffle on the night and i sadly lost :(

Also when i was leaving i bumped into sas killa in Tottenham court road had a chat with him and he also was going to the new era party.

My interview with sas killa will be up very soon !

Overall it was a great night and one not to forget.

Thanks to

For the pictures.

Shout out to New era


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