C gritz (Camalot) interview

Hey C gritz how are you today ?

Hey mate yea im not 2 bad fanx

You have been in the grime scene for a while man how long u been init ?

Hmm ive been in the scene for about 4-5 yrs.

So you are in boy better know  right ? Is there anyone else that is going to get signed soon ?

yea im apart of of the great bbk big up all da manden hmm im not sure whos next to get signed ya no.

Why do you think boy better know is so successful ?

Boy better know are successful because they are all good artist individually yet as a collective an they all represent good music.

Is there any word on when the boy better know album will be released ?

Not actually sure when the album is out i guess were just gonna keep doin good music till then an when it happens it happens.

Also has your leg finally heeled up ? Tell me what happened  ?

Hahahha yea well its not fully recoverd yet i still get the limps sumtimes but im much better thank you wellcut a long story short i was chuffed at bein signed to big dada heard sum funny story then jumped, yea i know lol.

Do you remember when u poured that pint on me at old blue last it was jokes but a par lol ?

Hahaha how can i forget that ? yea i was a bit pissed off coz jammer had me waitin around for him but that cheered me up cheers lol .

how do you think grime is at the moment ?

Hmm good question to be honest i dont really listen to much grime these days reason bein is coz im doin like a more rock/pop/dance album at the moment but i think its goin well.

What do you think about a few guys from grime going commercial ?

Hmm i think it all depends on if the grime artist turns his back on grime or not me personally i dont just do grime i do everything so i dont see nothing wrong with artist tryin new stuff aint that what your suppose to do as an artist ?

So your going to do a video for v.i.p , can you tell what the plan is for the video ?

well basicially the plan for the video is hmmm wait a see lol

Are you going to release a mixtape or a album soon ?

Yea i got an album with big dada in the makin but that will be under the alias aka as you will Camalot so look out for that   near the end of the year !

Are you going to do a f64 for sb tv ?

F64hmmm i think ive left it too late now init

What grime mc are you rating atm ?

I rate P money

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Photo’s by  mrtremix photographer Luke crofton and pictures from vice !


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5 responses to “C gritz (Camalot) interview

  1. GrimeTalker

    Another fucking piece of shit interview. Give it up son. All boring questions, you got no new info out of someone who has a lot of stories from the grime scene. Considering he told you he is signed to Big Dada why did you then ask if he is bringing an album out??

    Seriously just give up, this “blog” is an embarassment. Being part of Dizzee’s street team is no hype.

    • Watch any of the Avit 5th bathrdiy party youtube videos and you will see after FIVE whole years in Fashion/”the game” is that all you have in your so called new collection! 5 years? SMHAvit started off in drum & bass and have tried to move to the UK Grime scene but only knows the Mc’s/Dj’s that are head liners and don’t know anything about GRIME at all.

  2. ANON

    No hate but….
    this HAS to be the worst written interview I have ever seen!!
    The content is good but bruv you need to step up your writing game. Your coming bare illiterate. Do you ever proof read?!

  3. big up Gritz… one of the realest guys in the game
    check my video interview and freestyle with him:

    • The night wasn’t nontihg like that,it was shit work for a company thats in fashion for five years and bring 4 designs to a catwalk. The clothes sucked aswel by the way.

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