BADNESS has one of the most independent voices   and flow in grime and  it was a pleasure to get a interview with him !

Tell me about you new material your going to be releasing ?

well my 3Mason mixtapes A free download from http://www.skvibemakers and the lava continues 2, is my next Release ill be shooting A few vids of that.

Do you have any collabs on it ?

yh I have a few collabs on there from God’s gift, Riko, Frisko Newham Gen’s Little Narsty Skepta and more.

In this new decade how do you think grime is going to progress and do you think it will be better than the last decade ?

Grime doing better in this decade than the last well not realy da people in it aint genuine nor was the people before like dizzy Raskal and da kano’s they was just doing it cuz they wouldent get exsepted enny were ellse, Me now i’m versytille I do it cuz I Like it I’m not a grime baby i’m a farda.

Who are you rating in the scene lately ?

I Dont Rate No Artist Apart from my self dats simply because I made them all if u look deeply there’s tracis of me in all of them.

what got you into to doing grime ?

wiley got me in to grime chatting shit to the kids about 38 38 I Know dis guy aint built like dat so I had to come bun a Fire LAVA.

Also i personally think that tune with jammer really got you know the message is love produced by silver link what do you think got you big in the grime scene ?

My track what got me Recognized by the grime sceen publik eye what was playlisted on BBc1xtra was my track dem dem dem dem Bun down enny dance.

Do you believe grime is the new generation of music and past genre’s such as hip hop have long died due to commercialism and etc ?

yh Grime has its deep moments when mc’s deside to stop chatting shit and uk hip hop is growing I cant talk for a America I’m not feeling there Elumanarty music 1 bit.

where would you position your self in the grime scene at the moment ??

my position in da grime scene would be the grime Obama change.

Any last words ?

yh to the youthe’s keep getting ur education stay Natrule an keep Blazing Lava on the corupted Goverment of Distrucion Guidance .

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2 responses to “BADNESS INTERVIEW !

  1. said

    this is some real talk madnees love it hold CJ

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