Kasabian and Skepta have something in common ? WTF ! ?????

Basically i was reading NME and i was looking througn the letters page. So there were all these letters about how pissed of they were about last weeks nme about how kasbian were on nme’s cover and had a massive feature and how they said they are the best band in the uk. this is what Skepta and Kasabian have in common. so with matt wilkinson replying to the people who sent letters in he said” but with the artic monkeys currently shedding fans by the truckload and doherty in eternal meltdown, serge and co rightfully grasped the mantle of Brit rock with both hands – and who can blame them ? some body had to do it”.

me with skepta

me with skepta at his album launch (microphone champion). wow look at my fringe i needed a hair cut back in august 2009



Ill explain basically kasabian are saying they are thes best band in the uk. skepta used to say he was teh king of grime because no one was saying anything who the best and etc the video below says it all !!

also this video is was back in September.
i was there it was frisco’s single launch eyes on you at the old blue last.IT WAS A ACTUAL AMAZING NIGHT. with JME,Skepta,shorty,Jammer,Dj Maximum, Dj Logan sama,P money. it was one of the grimey’st nights of my life !!!. Also skepta tell us who won on album sales against Wiley.

So that’s what Skepta and kasabian have in common !!!!!!!!

Also download maxwell d’s new mixtape for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Mixtape entitled : Better later than never )


maxwell  d

maxwell d front cover of mixtape !!!!!!!!!!!

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